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Pioneers of Fashion, curating timeless pieces through hereditary workmanship and cultural beauty

About Us

Ana Ali, our CEO, is a woman of passion with a thirst for heritage, discovery and travel. In 1993, in light of her approaching wedding ceremony, she fashioned for herself, a garment that drew its inspiration from the virtues of elegant, South-Asian design. With antique, Mughal frescoes woven atop a floor-length, voluminous lehenga, choli & dupatta, alongside detailed narratives etched in electrum weaves through tread torsion, Swarovski crystals and cut beads to name a few techniques. An ensemble that would forever change the trajectory of Ana’s life and with that being said is a cornerstone of her legacy.

A formidable businesswoman, the first of her kind to erect an independent company, which started from a quaint store in Pearl Continental Lahore, skyrocketed into a full-fledged brand that graced catwalks across Europe and the United States — from National attention to International headlines, Lajwanti soared to great lengths.

Impelled by the desire for unparalleled craftsmanship, Ana’s vision of a luxe wardrobe, refined lines and cultural silhouettes are translated through the revival of forgotten techniques i.e. hand-work which, to this day, is Lajwantis unique selling point.

Under the Creative Direction of Dania Ali, Lajwanti has opened its doors to millennial talent. As a child, she’d play hide-and-seek around tailor-tables, overhear conversations about fabrics and thread work, and grew up watching her mother work tirelessly as she built her empire. To carry her mother’s legacy forward and to stay true to the brands’ philosophy, Dania works with the same resilience whilst nurturing both, Lajwanti and her flare for art.